Push-To-Talk Platforms

The Talkpod N5 Smart Series (PoC handheld Network radios) run an Android 9.0 mobile operating system with Google Play services providing suitability for a host of Push-To-Talk applications to fully utilise the quality and functionality of Talkpod Smart Series devices enhancing end user experience.

Programmable side keys, rotary volume/channel selectors and a dedicated Push-To-Talk button along with inbuilt GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi services come together to form a reliable and easily integrated user experience like no other.

Talkpod Australia Verified Platforms

A Talkpod Australia Verified Platform has been optimised for Talkpod hardware.

Android PoC technology provides infinite flexibility and opportunity like no other PoC operating system availing itself to a myriad of PoC platform providers, hardware manufacturers and app options. This is of course Androids greatest attraction and certainly what sets it apart from the rest. In a commercial environment, PoC hardware and the platform on which it is intended to operate are the two most important elements to consider.

The synergy between both of these elements cannot be understated. A Talkpod Australia Verified Platform confirms these two crucial elements are optimised for the benefit of both hardware and platform – The result is an “it just works” experience for the end user.

Verification is a collaborative effort achieved by Talkpod Australia and platform provider engineers. Talkpod Australia’s approach allows platform providers to produce tailored apps optimised for Australia’s fastest, reliable Android PoC devices, Talkpod. The result is an outstanding experience bringing out the very best from both the Talkpod hardware and installed platform.

Talkpod Australia’s commitment to the Verified Platform process is first class and allows Talkpod users the option to access to trusted, reliable, and secure wide area communication PoC services that meet Australian market expectations.

Talkpod Australia invite platform providers to enquire about our Verified Platform process and how our devices can assist to bring out the very best of your platform.

Talkpod Australia Verified Platforms List:

Rapid™ and Talkpod Australia are constantly engaged in the development process ensuring all Talkpod N5 Smart Series devices are continually optimised for Rapid™.

The Talkpod Australia and Rapid™ partnership creates and delivers an absolute first class PoC experience bringing out the best of both hardware and service.


T.Flex is TASSTA’s application designed for smartphones or tablets and also available on desktop computers. T.Flex runs on IP networks (2G/3G/4G/wi-fi) powered by the most popular operating systems Android, iOS, and Windows. It grants users maximum operational capability with a modern user interface and keeps high availability even on slow data networks.

Voice Call

POCSTARS APP voice call is similar to a professional two-way radio, which offers different types of calls for various scenarios to realise voice call dispatching, such as Group Calls, Channel Switching, Temporary Group Calls, Temporary Private Calls, Group Monitoring, Interrupt Calls, Temporary Disable/Enable, Priority Call, etc.

Location Tracking

The POCSTARS APP can report GPS real-time position to the dispatcher, enabling the dispatcher to understand the user’s position and trajectory while sending and sharing the real-time position with other members.

Other Compatible Platforms List:

The below listed platforms all work on Talkpod N5 Smart Series devices but may not have been optimised to use all features or functionality of the platform. If you already have a platform subscription with a particular service and are unsure if Talkpod N5 Smart Series devices are compatible, please Contact Us.

ESChat allows users to communicate on a 1:1, adhoc and Group basis. ESChat provides eight distinct Talk Group types each customized to fill a particular mission. Talk Groups range from the basic Nextel type Group, to Groups for Surveillance, Command, Dispatch, Unicast, Emergency Broadcast and more. Each multi-way Talk Group will support 255 members while the Emergency Broadcast Groups can reach up to 60,000 Users with the press of a single button.

Please note ES Chat is recommended for use on Talkpod N50A and N59A models only.

Zello Push-to-Talk (PTT) Mobile App. Talk in real-time to individuals and groups anywhere in the world with the best Push-to-Talk app around.

Please note the Zello platform is recommended for use on Talkpod N50A and N59A models only.

REALPTT is a wireless data network-based communication system implemented using VoIP technology. It is different from
traditional interphones. There is no limit to the distance. As long as there is a wireless network, the service can be used. It is
a traditional trunking communication product.

These platforms are currently in use on Talkpod devices worldwide and have been confirmed to have working transit/receive functionality at minimum. Talkpod Australia encourages platform developers to get in contact and work with us to optimise, test and verify their platform.