Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following are some frequently asked questions or FAQs relating to the Talkpod N5xA series of Android LTE handheld radios. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please Contact Us.

Do Talkpod Australia sell direct to the public?

No. Talkpod Australia does not sell Talkpod devices, spare parts or accessories directly to the public. We don’t compete with our own dealers, resellers and industry partners. To find your nearest dealer, please visit Find A Dealer.

What operating system do Talkpod devices use?

The Talkpod N5xA series including the N50A, N56A and N59A operate on the Android 9.0 mobile operating system.

Can I load my own app on to a Talkpod device?

Yes. We do not lock or restrict which PTT applications can be used on the Talkpod N5xA series. The N5xA series have an Android 9.0 operating system as well as Google Play services, allowing a wide range of applications to fully utilize the device’s functionality.

Which PTT applications have been tested on the Talkpod N5xA series?

The Talkpod N5xA radios have been tested with a variety of PTT applications. Please visit our Platforms page for more information.

Where is my nearest Talkpod dealer/reseller?

Please visit Find A Dealer or feel free to Contact Us to find your nearest Talkpod dealer.

How do I become a Talkpod dealer or reseller?

Please Contact Us if you wish to become a Talkpod dealer so we can discuss requirements in detail.

What is the best Push-To-Talk application to run on a Talkpod?

The Rapid™ Push-To-Talk application has been specially designed to suit the Talkpod N50A, N56A and N59A. Talkpod Australia and Rapid™ have partnered together to bring the best user experience to the Talkpod N5xA series. This partnership means every Talkpod radio comes initially pre-loaded with Rapid™.

Are Talkpod devices compliant for use in Australia and New Zealand?

Yes. All devices sold by Talkpod Australia are compliant with Australian Standards and carry the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) for use in Australia and New Zealand. Please see our Downloads section or Contact Us for further information.